Cross-Country Results – Weeks 15 & 16 – Terry Rd

Apologies for the delay in getting the latest results to you. It’s been a great turn out at Terry Rd Cross-Country with just over 40 runners and walkers attending each week. A big thank you all the volunteers that have helped set up and time at Terry Rd.

On Sunday 4th August we ran a little “guess my time” competition.
Here are the winners:
1st – Brian Deutschmann, Guessed 14:00/Actual 12:37
2nd – Luke Thompson, Guess 18:18/Actual 16:35

1st – Caleb Benson, Guess 19:30/Actual 19:20
2nd – John Bocian, Guess 27:00/Actual 26:13

1st – Jeff Douglas, Guessed 38:33/Actual 37:03
2nd – Mark Byrnes, Guessed 35:00/Actual 36:43


And On Sunday 11th August was our Club Championship Run. All winners will be announced at our Club Windup-Up on Sunday 15th September. But Basil put together a post race wrap below:


The view the last 2 weeks results, see below or click HERE.

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