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Cross Country – Week 21 – “Terry Rd” Open Handicap & Championship Run

This was our last Cross-Counry meet at “Terry Rd”. Hosting our inaugural Open Handicap Run and Championship Run. It was such a busy weekend around Albany and with numbers noticably lower then normal, we still had 31 super keen runners and walkers hit this special trail. I think this Handicap staggered start pushed you all, as many of you achieved Personal Bests! (WELL DONE!!)

We can announce the Championship Winners as ……

1st Fastest Female: Gemma Ellis, Time: 15:27
1st Fastest Male: Oliver Pass, Time: 10:21

1st Fastest Female: Georgia Whitelaw, Time: 21:01
1st Fastest Male: Adam Thomson, Time: 19:09

1st Fastest Female: Sophie Osborn, Time: 39:45
1st Fastest Male: Colin Pass, Time: 26:33

CONGRATULATIONS TO EVERYONE!!! Be super proud of your run, walk, personal best or win!!

Today’s full results can be downloaded HERE!

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